Takeaways from my one-year GitHub streak.

I’m a student interested in open source technologies and today, I am happy to join many others with a one-year GitHub streak. This post summarizes my experiences and transitions I’ve made over the past year. My GitHub profile is bamos. Takeaways The following is a short list of my takeaways that have largely been inspired by the rest of the...   read more

15 Dec 2014 | News

Aggregate writing quality rankings of text documents with a simple Python script.

I enjoy continuously iterating on the writing of my papers, blog posts, and project READMEs. This post presents rank-writing.py, a simple Python script to automatically rank the writing quality of a document list. This script is openly available on GitHub in my bamos/python-scripts repository. Overview rank-writing sorts a list of files by numeric values obtained from summarizing the output of...   read more

12 Dec 2014 | Python

Short progression of my LaTeX/Python resume and CV.

I have maintained my curriculum vitae in LaTeX for over three years. I enjoy building small systems around the generation process and my current system is openly available on GitHub at bamos/cv. This project stores all of my content in YAML and uses Python with Jinja2 templates to output LaTeX and Markdown, which produce these documents on my website. I...   read more

10 Dec 2014 | LaTeX, Python

Simple Python script to count word frequencies.

This post introduces a small Python script word-counter.py to count the word frequencies over sliding windows or N-grams in my LaTeX and Markdown documents. This is part of my bamos/python-scripts repository, which contains other small Python snippets. The btford/write-good project has motivated me to start performing automatic analysis of the LaTeX and Markdown documents I write. The Makefile’s in my...   read more

15 Nov 2014 | Python

Adding similar projects to a GitHub README with Python.

In the open source community, projects are often inspired by related projects. In some of my projects, I have a section explicitly describing why my project is unique with a table summarizing other GitHub projects with their star counts and descriptions. The following screenshot is from the README in my bamos/latex-templates project. I maintain a collection of short Python scripts...   read more

02 Nov 2014 | Python

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