Simple Python script to count word frequencies.

This post introduces a small Python script to count the word frequencies over sliding windows or N-grams in my LaTeX and Markdown documents. This is part of my bamos/python-scripts repository, which contains other small Python snippets. The btford/write-good project has motivated me to start performing automatic analysis of the LaTeX and Markdown documents I write. The Makefile’s in my...   read more

15 Nov 2014 | Python

Adding similar projects to a GitHub README with Python.

In the open source community, projects are often inspired by related projects. In some of my projects, I have a section explicitly describing why my project is unique with a table summarizing other GitHub projects with their star counts and descriptions. The following screenshot is from the README in my bamos/latex-templates project. I maintain a collection of short Python scripts...   read more

02 Nov 2014 | Python

Analyzing writing in LaTeX documents.

I maintain a collection of LaTeX templates at bamos/latex-templates and have recently added [btford/write-good][write-good] to the Makefile’s. write-good is a native linter for English prose and works well on LaTeX documents. The following Makefile will output a list of warnings and tips for improving writing after building the LaTeX documents. SRC=$(wildcard *.tex) PDF=$(SRC:.tex=.pdf) all: $(PDF) %.pdf: %.tex latexmk --pdf $<...   read more

26 Oct 2014 | LaTeX

Merging PDF's for printing by adding blank pages with Python.

The printers in my office print a cover page before every job, and I don’t like printing many cover pages if I want to submit multiple papers separately so that the papers don’t overlap. To overcome this, I use the script in my bamos/python-scripts GitHub repo. This script will merge PDF documents and insert blank pages so that the...   read more

17 Oct 2014 | Python

Prefixed multi-hop SSH wildcard configurations.

SSH client configuration files are useful to define aliases and options for servers when using ssh so that you don’t have to specify them manually. Take a look at Joël Perras’ blog post for a practical overview. The ProxyCommand option provides transparent multi-hop SSH, as described in this post. Furthermore, the PATTERNS section in the man page describes how *...   read more

06 Oct 2014 | Linux

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